The vitamins are complete, if I could swallow pills I would take vitamins that can be taken like this but I do not see how in candy form it is not real vitamins, it has all the vitamins your body needs plus the other things like it (these even have some calcium in it i think).

I have been thinking of buying one of these electric roaster. It can take up to twenty-two pounds of meat. I could after the first meal get individual portions and if more than four days worth of it I would put it in the freezer, at least like that I would have one portion of meat per day. It is less than two hundred dollars on Amazon Canada plus there's the free shipping and I could take it with me when I finally leave these monsters behind.

I love vegetables and fruits. I also love tuna (have my 3 favorites and 1 that i have not tried yet + the last amazon order i made i got 1 that is not sold here). For the sodas I could learn to drink other things with my meals but there is no way I will cut Pepsi out of my life.

At least I am not going to bed hungry like millions if not billions of people do!