Lisa, I finally see the wisdom of routine/regular meals (not only in frequency but in meal content) which is something you've been expounding for a while. I insisted that i could not tolerate the monotony.

However, I now see the deficits of having to continually make decisions over minor details in my life. I spent far too much time deciding if and when I would eat and what would be on my menu for that meal. When I was in the hospital, my body underwent such a severe trauma and cleansing that when I emerged, it craved only water-rich foods. My meals were the same foods for about a week and then I began to add only a few other healthful choices.

I was surprised to see how I looked forward to eating the same foods: fresh grapes, strawberries, cucumbers. Then, miso soup with tofu and wakame (seaweed). Almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds. Green tea. Finally, I added a slice of whole grain toast with cream cheese and cottage cheese on occasion.

I caught a cold from the baby I am watching and my husband insisted I eat more, even meat, because he thought I was being undernourished. Now that I'm over the cold, I am wanting to return to those post-hospital favorites. I just felt better, and I spent less time on decision-making and have more time for other pursuits.

1 whole grain toast w/ cream cheese
14 red grapes
coffee (he told me that coffee is healthy now)

homemade vegetable soup (tons of vegetables, including cabbage, green pepper, celery, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, onion, peas, kidney beans)
red grapes
vitamin & mineral supplements
fish sticks

I didn't want to eat the fish sticks but they were in the freezer and I wanted to clear out the unhealthy stuff. It wasn't until I ate about six until I realized the dogs would enjoy them as treats so we doled some out to them.

The family will have pot roast, mashed potatoes, peas, biscuits but I will have:

miso soup with wakame (seaweed) and tofu cubes
cucumber slices with homemade miso-lemon dressing
1/2 fresh mango

On my whole foods menu, I was losing weight. Got bloated when I ate meat and processed carbs. However, I was NOT happy to learn that only two cups of mixed nuts contains 1600 calories! sigh. Can't overdo even the healthy stuff.

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