I noticed the same thing, Lisa. My family influences what I eat. If I had only started when they were small, I could have influenced their eating habits in a more positive way but I wasn't aware of these matters then.

Last night, we had pizza. But each of us got our own 10 inch pizza, thin crust, to design so we did have some different choices (artichoke hearts, chevre, gouda, pest, etc.) At least the crust was not that thick, bready type.

I have got to get a handle on the eating out, but the family insists it is fine because we do not spend money on other stuff like other families (material goods, expensive trips, hobbies, clothing) plus it is a face-to-face time away from their computers, another form of entertainment! I think they know that I'll either make them fried foods or swing the other extreme and feed them only salads.

I think I'll make it a goal not to eat out for one week.

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