Following a low carb diet reduces insomnia, reduces stress, improves clear thinking, and builds energy.

This forum thread here is in the low carb forum area, but it is primarily being used by Nancy Roussy to track her daily eating log.

Nancy DOES NOT eat a low carb diet. Nancy eats in a way which is extremely high in carbs and sugars, while being low on nutrition.

We maintain this daily menu thread in the low carb area for historical reasons. For all the low carbers visiting this forum, please understand that this is NOT even remotely a low carb way of eating. While we did try to guide Nancy early on, to encourage her to eat better, at this point we are just letting her eat the way she chooses to eat.

We will help others who wish to follow a healthy low carb lifestyle in their own separate thread.

Ask with any questions!

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum