Yesterday I had Orange Maison grape juice, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with three toasts made with the white bread (no crusts - butter), another part of the cucumber, white uncooked potatoes pan fried by mom in butter and vegetable oil, other food cooked by mom (ground beef + boiled potatoes + sauce + pepper - dad ate some too - the leftovers were put in the fridge), six Gobstopper (big box put in a bowl and i never looked when taking some - 1 yellow + 1 red + 2 orange + 1 green + 1 purple), cheese curds (same bag as the other day), two white boiled the same day by mom potatoes pan fried in the grease and butter and one egg with cheese curds scrambled in the grease and butter, one Gobstopper (red), bows with tomato paste.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.