My menu varies and is very irregular.

Breakfast for example - every day last week I had an english muffin and a slice of ham steak for breakfast. I didn't have a chance to go grocery shopping when we got back last night so this morning, I had a slice of leftover turkey, some string beans and a bit of mac and cheese.

Lunch is all over the place - if I was in my office all day I have soup and something (sandwhich or salad). If I have morning and afternoon meetings I will have a regular size hamburger, small fries and small diet coke, that I eat as I drive from one side of the County to the other.

Dinner - I might have fish for one or two nights. At least one night of fast food - for example, Thursday night I was trying to clean the house and pack so we could go away for the weekend so I had combination fried rice (I know, not a great choice).

I had salad one night when the kids had hamburger helper stroganoff (which is a favorite of mine...LOL)

As I continue to run and prepare to run more races, I'm hoping to get better - no - I WILL get better.

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