Then I'm off...

I'll wait for the photo - this for right now has a mixture of things coming through. And it could even be a criss-cross or someone near, like the mother.

But forget all that for now.

Well, biologically, food does come through. But I'm working on a few things right now.

Sleeping patterns oh!!!!!!! got it - was going to ask again about thyroid, but you're not, not sleeping, just because. It's something that can be assisted.

Seratonin - but don't go there, it's just a word that popped in. I'd like to get the photo and then scan it and verbally go through it with you.

The mom feels to have issues, physical, at least what I feel anyway, but (some things are private). Others are more emotional.

But foods if you think about it, we're all a biological organism. Some thing enhance and other de-hance, lol. smile

But anyway. my menu consists a lot of fish, but even those I can tell the difference between pure fish and like something like mercury or something. Fresh is best smile

Karen Elleise
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