This really is an interesting topic. I told my Dr. recently we're a bio=chemic science project w/legs, lol. I had 2 Dr.'s, now one WONDERFUL/Beautiful inside and out, like she uses it all. Hard to find those.

Anywhoo, the first so-so Dr. actually didn't know what the term bio-chemistry was...hmmmm. That scared me a bit.

But I've been thinking a lot about this topic and Nancy, it's interesting, but I (personally feel) don't know that anyone's eating habits, "suck" not all of them.

I think the body craves things depending on your make-up but also, when something's off balance...hormones, illness, stress chemicals, seratonins, etc.

But more w/what it feels like w/you, it's the timing of the intake. We';ll talk more later smile I sent you an email BTW. Just to let you know smile

My menu though today is still body craving lots of protien. Does anyone know what exactly that does for the body, besided, burn fat/build muscle...more like health stuff?

Boca Burger, nuts, 1 liter of water, 1 diet soda, Mex/veggie casserole...tastes like something you'd eat at a football tailgate, lol. Gotta have fun wink

Karen Elleise
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