Yesterday I had Orange Maison grape juice, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with one toast made with Gadoua white bread (the second time and second different bread that it was disgusting - this time i did not finish it and only ate like 1 bite) and one egg scrambled (did not finish it), pasta (bows + 1 green onion pan fried in butter and that grease + cheese curds + Bravo tomato sauce [sadly its the last can] some remained), the top of a Gadoua bagel with Philadelphia (took some of the top of the bagel - what is dark), the other half again with the same cheese (again took some off [again the dark part] but not a lot), some of the rice leftovers and four white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and one egg with Velveeta scrambled in the grease and butter.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.