I love it runny. I rarely eat the white though, I know it's the healthiest but I don't really like it. I normally (thats what i did this "morning"...it was passed 14:00..haha) cut the yolk with my fork then use bread to get all that yummy runny egg.

I think tomorrow I'll make boiled eggs, it's been a long time since I've eaten any and I have the craving for some now. If I still have that craving that'll be my next breakfast!

Have you ever made poached eggs? If so is it really that difficult to make? I've seen how you do it while watching Master Chef, it looks hard but not that hard.

The first recipe of eggs that I found and will try first is a baked egg nest (separate the white and yolk...beat the white..put it on a piece of bread...make a hole...put the yolk...15 minutes in the oven...looks good!!!).