Nancy........I have read your various posts on the forums, and in the interest of wanting to help you feel better I would like to make a few suggestions. I noticed you eat a lot of sugar products or foods that turn into sugar in the body. Sugar is essentially a poison to our bodies and it is better to limit how much we take in. Fruit juice, soda, and candy are loaded with sugar, and foods made with white flour like bread and baked goods turn into sugar after we eat them. White potatoes can overwhelm our system with sugar if too many are eaten.

I think the tuna and lean meats you eat are great, as well as the olive oil. Having the multi-vitamin is also a good idea. Maybe add more vegetables, leafy greens, and whole grains to your diet, with fresh fruit if you want something sweet. Limit the sugary foods and drinks to one a day.

I think the high sugar content of your diet has thrown your entire system off and that is why you are having such a hard time healing and feeling better. Eating more fresh, natural foods and exercising like taking a walk every day may help your body work the way it should so you can heal and feel better overall. Perhaps in the future you will be able to take less medications too, with your doctor's consent of course.

I offer these suggestions because I have health problems of my own and this approach has helped me function better. I wish you well and I hope you feel better soon.

Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator