Yesterday I had IGA fruit punch and Pepsi with three toasts made of white bread (no crusts - butter), some of the pizza leftovers (did not eat the peperoni and green peppers and just the middle of the end of the crust), a grape Life Savers lollipop, food made by mom which was sauce and ground beef and white boiled potatoes (these potatoes are like a loto - some are eatable and some are awful - i ate a few pieces then decided not to touch that brand anymore), traditional St-Hubert coleslaw with more of that food (just the sauce and meat), one Life Savers grape lollipop, the rest of a caramel Aero, yellow uncooked (they were like that yesterday too I just forgot to write it) potatoes pan fried in butter, yellow uncooked potatoes pan fried in the grease and butter (did not eat all that).