I have been eating irregularly. Most of what I eat has been dairy based lately. I think I do that when I'm not eating a lot of fruit. So today so far I have had 24 grain bread (not toasted) with butter and peanut butter. I drank 3 bottles of purified water that were 16.9 ounces each. Then for lunch I ate a lot of potato chips with sour cream dip. And I mean LOTS of dip. Tonight will be rib eye steak, a baked potato with sour cream dip or plain sour cream as a topping. As a veggie, I will have either brown sugared cooked carrots or maybe some green peas. (I would rather have the peas.) By the time I go to sleep I will also have had a glass of orange juice, a large glass of 2 percent milk and two more bottles of bottled water. Also I will have dug into the potato chips and more dips.

Former Chocolate Editor. Also known as Daisybun.