Hi there. Lisa, studies show that those who routinize their meals tend to keep their weight under control. One of the risks, however, is that the limited variety of foods can lead to nutrient deprivation.

That's not your problem as you supplement with multi-vitamins, minerals and fiber. smile

I do need variety as I get bored with the same same same. Making menus ahead of time is useless as I often veer from the plans at the last minute. I feel suffocated by schedules and routine!

Because of this, my nutrition is unbalanced. If I can't do routine, I at least need to muster up the courage to keep an online public food journal to keep me on track and accountable. I was afraid of not only humiliating myself but deterring others from their low carb goals with all of my high carb posts!

But so far, posting my exercise efforts in the Exercise forum is paying off. Maybe I'll post my food journal somewhere.

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