Yesterday I had Compliments fruit punch, Pepsi, Coke and Ginger Ale with one toast made with Gadoua white bread (no crusts - butter and maple caramel ~ by the way 2 days ago the second toast had that mc i just realised i forgot to write it), part of a leftover pizza slice (again without the peperoni and end of curst - took it all off after it came out the oven), food from McDonald's (mcnugget trio with bbq sauce - good thing we have a few of their sauces in our house because they forgot to add mine), glazed donuts from Walmart (1 in all and 1 bite from another - i do not know what they did to those if its accident or the new recipe but it was disgusting almost and did not taste at all what these are supposed to taste), the rest of the slice, Coaticook butterscotch ice cream, four white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and some of the macaroni leftovers.