When we need to see a doctor when we do not have a family doctor we have to go to the emergency room at an hospital and it has to be the hospital closest to where you live (when its not and you dont have a good excuse they throw you out). It has been like that for decades then the government complains that the hospital emergencies are too crowded, that's Quebec for you! I always wanted Ottawa to step in and do something since for the rest of Canada it's not like that but Canada is scared of Quebec or/and just do not want to hear separatists whine (they will whine anyway) but now that a crazy moron has the majority in Canada the rest of Canada's health care is starting to suck like in Quebec. There are private clinics so people who have money and don't want to wait too long to get health care and have good doctors they can go there,if of course you have the money.

The symptoms I had were throbing pain on the sides and top of the head, neck, shoulders and back. I was also dizzy (head turning) and had flashes of lights (not too moms migraines always start like that and she often barely can never got this bad for me) and the pain also went to my eyes. They always (so far) start with neck pain that goes to the head, yesterday I took aspirins when it started so I was about to stop it before it got too bad. After my biggest one (friday) it felt like I had no energy at all and I hurt everywhere (it was like when youre about to get really sick or when you have a fever).

I am starting by drinking more water then I will slowly start eating better. I also will start waking up and getting to bed at normal hours so that should help with sleeping better (im not used to not being able to sleep). Also by waking up at a normal hour I will be able to eat at normal times, I think that will help too.