There are no libraries here. I live in a small town and the nearest two towns are just a little bit bigger and not much is found there.

It is a nice place to walk though and it is something that I always loved to do. There are many mountains, forests and water around. I plan on starting to drive again (im too stressed when driving BUT its stupid me not driving here because theres not a lot of traffic...the thing that has stopped me is the little parking lots..thats my excuse) and if I can do that I could take my dad's car and drive to waterfalls and things like that (ive never been to a waterfall and there are 2 near).

Also the reason why I want to start getting up earlier is that I am still searching for a job so if one day I finally get one that will help me (theres not a lot of jobs here and night jobs dont exist at all here).

I also want to go back to school (i was just about to do that when i lost my job) or at least learn how to swim or try to learn German.

I just cannot do anything besides be on the internet or in front of the television or lay in bed (when i finally get there) anymore, it took me a while but I finally am fed up with my laziness and I am doing something about it.

I always have been a night person but there's something about early morning that I love. It's like that time have a different feel and even a different smell.

If I continue with taking off one hour when I go to bed and get up I will be back on track on April 26. I'll start by walking everyday so I can have some energy back then I'll start eating more healthy and normally then I will do something worth while for my poor little brain (for a job ill have to look elsewhere [cities more than 1 hour away] because i have tried every possible places here..if i can find a job there i could move out on my own so that would be 2 positives).