Hi Lisa!

A good breakfast for me is something that will keep me from being hungry for a few hours. The past few months I only eat one or two or thre toasts so in less than one hour most of the times I am hungry again.

When I was having a normal routine I would eat eggs with other things (bacon or/and potatoes or/and english muffin or/and etc...and i would also sometimes finish with a fruit).

I too think that the times do not matter but the times I have been waking up keep on changing so I cannot get into a normal routine. Plus now I don't want to get to bed even when I have to get up early.

Two days ago it was passed 10:00 when I went to bed so it was 20:00 when I got up. Today it was passed 9:00 when going to bed and 19:00 when I got up. That was the plan I came up with to stop myself from not wanting to go to bed and I think it's working. By the end of next week I should be able to get up at 10:00.

It started when I moved with taking a few minutes to get up then it went to an half hour then one hour and last year it was three hours and now it's I can't go to bed, and the worst is that I only now go outside for an appointment so I'm also stuck in the house.