Yesterday I had Orange Maison grape juice, Pepsi, Ginger Ale and water with one toast made with Gadoua white bread (no crusts - butter and composed sugar), part of a big cucumber and Clover Leaf tuna in broth and oil (the first time i ate that it was super good then less and less and finally yesterday i could not eat it anymore), Spitz salted in shell sunflower seeds, some of mom's leftovers, some more, more, Coaticook vanilla ice cream, Lay's salt and vinegar chips (told dad and mom too told him WAVY and he brought the others), white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and olive oil and vegetable oil and pieces of a white onion pan fried in the grease and butter then two eggs with Velveeta scrambled with it.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.