I can't wait to get the photos. scanned or physical.

I do what's called crisscross at times. So like, whether a person likes John Edward or not, well sometimes he'll get stuff or pictures and it turns out it's somehow related to a person 3 seats over or a neighbor that a person knew of something similar going on he was talking about.

It wouldn't hurt to provide 2 photos. One of yourself/one of mom. It's up to you. But I know what it's like NOT to sleep and I'd rather get the right info across properly.

I also have Skype w/vid-cam. I don't like to use it but I will get better at it once I at least try.

O know this is about "Typical menu" but I have a hard time finding my way back to subjects.

Ps. My menues typically consist of very little carbs, but enough I'm content, Tilapia, wild grain rice and fresh farmer's market produce when I can get it. Turkey, pickles and cheese.

I've done the multi-grain breads and frankly they stink! sick

However, those are ones I've purchased. I bake my own breads so I'm thinking I can do a heck of a lot better than that and while I'm on the subject...I'm not completely sold on the "gluten-thingy." Looking into it though...feels more like a 50-50 fad or something.

Feel free to send an email though until you get the photo's. smile

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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