Yesterday I had Orange Maison grape juice, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with two toasts made with the two days old white bread (no crusts - butter), meat and vegetables boiled (a piece of what was a pork roast [taken out the freezer the day before] + 2 white potatoes [did not eat all those] brussel sprouts - put the rest of the pork in the fridge), a Minion Kinder Surprise, Frank wavy nature chips, food from Cantine Sainte-Flavie (mustard cheeseburger + fried with ketchup - did not eat all that but almost none remained - the cheese only the top of the bread [meaning what is not white] is what i did not eat), Frank wavy nature chips, white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and onion salt and one white mushroom pan fried in the grease and butter with then an egg scrambled on it.