Until I eat healthier I will have to take vitamins.

I used to drink Pepsi while eating breakfast so juice is much better. My favorite is a grape juice but sometimes it is no longer available which happened lately, finally it came back and dad bought it. I drank the last of the fruit punch this morning. That grape juice has less added stuff in it but still sugar is added, I did try a few pure or almost pure juices and I hated all of them.

A crockpot is something else I have been wanting to get. I have all the Donna-Marie Pye cookbooks (although she wrote 1 in the 90s but its almost 50$ so only have her last ones) and these recipes have it all plus also there will be leftovers. So that is another option to eat better.

I probably will eat tuna later, writing about it made me crave it so good thing I have my three favorites plus a new one.