After some revelations in my food journal, I recognize that my habit of being spontaneous with meals contributes to poor choices as I tend to make them during my weaker moments of hunger.

So, as much as I detested the thought of a "typical" menu, I'm finding more success with healthful choices and weight loss if I stick (at least loosely) to one.

My breakfasts: cottage cheese with fruit, yogurt or eggs.

My snacks: lite chocolate soy milk, nuts, vegetable juice, fruit, vegetable sticks, tofu, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs.

My lunches: salads, soups

My dinners: This is where it can get crazy so I will do my best to stick with the following choices: Proteins and vegetables in a variety of ways but NOT battered and fried. NO starches.

My desserts: I'm not a huge dessert eater but can be tempted. I will stick to fruit and low-sugar choices.

My daughter and I will be developing and researching recipes for a low-carb breakfast cookie and other desserts!

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