My mom tried to get to me tonight, she almost was able to but instead of letting her get the best of me I did not. It's like a game she plays where she does what she knows is stressing me out and her objective is to push me until I blow up. She is still very angry with me doing things on my own and not letting her stressing me out. I am still living here with what appears no happiness in front of me but I do things that I used to never do and that enrages her (like when she was mad at me for daring to tell the truth to a neighbor of ours and she was not talking to me...i continued doing my things and i even changed the curtains of my two bedroom windows......that made her so angry seeing me do it all by myself that i thought she would actually hit me that afternoon....even small things like that when i do it all by myself without asking for help that has always angered her).