Nancy, he (Shumi) sounds like a good guy, like a role model. Too many athletes these days are not -- like some of the kids at the Olympics who goof around while standing on the podium during the awards ceremony, for example. And that whole situation with aging out of one's sport is very hard to deal with. At least racing is one where you get to go longer than, say, gymnastics. Being older would not help a driver's fast reflexes, but it would compensate by giving him more experience!

And your cousin, oh, my goodness. I'd have to agree with you on his selfishness. He should have been doing what he needed to do for his kids. I agree with you about a job is a job. There is nothing to be ashamed of about honest work.

And I'm sorry today was a bad day for you! It was a bit stressful for me as well -- the usual thing like I should have got more done! Better luck for us both tomorrow. smile