$30,000 is a life-changing amount that most people would give anything to have. This is your health that is at stake. You have said in the past that the moment you could afford an apartment you would move out. Now you can afford one.

If in three years you have to move back home, heck, so you do. But you would have had **three entire years** of sanity to build your own health and strength up. Think of what a different person you'd be in three years! At that point you might not even care what your parents say or do any more. Or, heck, you might have met a best friend or significant other and live with them. There's a giant world of possibilities. All of them good ones.

You need those three years. You deserve those three years. And I bet once you have three years you'll have a job and support system so that you can keep going. But right now - you're only destroying yourself every single day. There's no reason at all to do that.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum