Both of my parents are monsters. They have always been like that. They enjoy being like that. They once had a few positives inside of them and late 2009 they both decided to get rid of these tiny positives inside them and be full and total monsters.

It is not up to kids to make things better for their parents. I do not care what you suffered in your life if you are not 100% sure that you could be a loving parent then do not have children. I know in my heart that I will never be like them but just to be sure I decided to never have children.

I will finally one day break away from them and when that day come they will never see me ever again and if they do then I will call the cops and lawyers to make sure they stay away. When they had positives inside them I still wanted to get away from them but not like that but now I have no choice. Their goal in life since their change has been to drive me crazy and they almost succeeded. Do you know the feeling when you think your soul is dead? I do and this is what my parents have done to me the past years! I do have the money to make myself a life away from them but I decided to be careful about it because it is not millions I have, I do not want to end up in the streets (by the way if that happens i will stay in the streets instead of coming back to them).

My life is a hell thanks to my parents and they have no excuse for any of the things they did, are doing and will do to me (and to my brother - yeah they had another kid that died years ago and that combined with us 3 coming close to dying in a fire in 2014 and losing everything we had did not wake them up)!

I will always suffer because of them even when I am far away from them; I wish they would of been physically abusive instead of mentally, it would of made things easier to understand and helped me get away from them when I was young instead of losing decades of my life!