Parents are just people who make mistakes. Clearly these two have made lots of mistakes. If they are flawed it's unlikely they will have the ability to heal things for you. Just because they had sex doesn't mean they have any other ability.

You need to care for you. You can't expect them to do that. So to expect them to fix your stress, which is inside your own head, doesn't make sense.

You don't heal your stress to help them. You do it to help you. You're the one whose body is being harmed by it.

If you really dislike them that much, stop living with them. Period, the end. Stop relying on their house and furniture and kitchen equipment and everything else. Move out right now. Be on your own and away from them. You have the money. If you don't leave, it is because you want to be with them. That's the only other choice.

If you're going to choose to live with them, you need to choose not to be stressed by them. That is also the only logical choice.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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