Just had a panic attack!

My right eye started to hurt so I went and checked it, I thought it was one of the eyelash on top that is white and is low so sometimes or often it will touch the eye but to make sure I checked to see if there was another eye lash that I could get before it fell in the eye and while looking I was sure that I saw a white thread in it, I tried to calm myself by telling me it was an illusion (the lights here are not very bright so its hard to do a few things including looking in eyes) but I was sure it was something there. After the attack I put one eye drop in each eyes. It still hurts and I do know it's not something in the eye but I'm still freaking out about it.

This all started while I was eating an apple while walking and talking in the basement, maybe I should start wearing protective glasses all the time if so then I would be totally sure nothing is in the eyes when it starts to hurt!