Nancy -

It is important not to give up on someone. Yes, it might be hard for him to change his ways. That is natural and normal! It is only by being patient and consistent that we help those who are stuck to try a new path.

Think of the battered women who stay with their abusive partners for years and years. Just trying to help them once, or twice, won't work. You have to hang in there and show them you really mean it.

It's never "no use". It is always a great use to make the effort. Your parents won't be around forever, and you won't regret the efforts you make. You'll only regret giving up.

In the same way, ignoring someone for a little while won't work because they are far too trained in their patterns. They are sure it will work again. And especially if they have no other good things, at least the bad things are better than nothing. So if you give him no good feedback at all, then he has no incentive not to keep trying the only thing he knows work.

I absolutely would make it a daily task to try something positive. Don't give up even if it doesn't work for a week or a month. This is a lifetime of training you are overcoming. And it is absolutely your own best interest when it works. You are the one who will benefit, and he will too.

I don't think your mom made a choice. I think she's overwhelmed and is giving up. Give her a chance.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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