I just found out the minimum wage in my province is 11,25$ except for those who receives tips for that it is 9,45$. It is more than I thought and it is helping me breath a little bit more.

I searched a little bit for apartments tonight and there were a few of less than 400$ and some had electricity and water included. Looks like when it is Summer there are more because when I was looking this Winter there were less.

I will keep asking mom once in a while what is going on in case they get in more money trouble (dad has always spent money stupidly but its always worst when he is furious which is the case now). Maybe if he gets another flu or worst while killing himself taking care of the yard he will change his mind but I will be surprised if that happens just like I will be surprised if mom really does what she said she will.

If I move out soon and it is too tight money wise I can always just get internet and watch my Hockey games like that until I have the money to get a satellite but if it is tighter than that then yes I would not even get internet, I prefer eating and having a roof over my head than to be able to watch the Stars game but go hungry or end up in the streets.