Dad is now acting like a child because he is faced with a problem. The banner with the informations (channel + time + date + name of the show) is not disappearing (he still can change the channel it just wont go). He asked me when I went upstairs so I told him what buttons to push (only tried 2 of the 4) and it will not do anything. Mom asked what was going on and he screamed at her (he knows he cannot scream at me - if any of these 2 would of screamed at me i would of left before entering adulthood), she shrugged it off but now she is upstairs and I am hearing banging on the floor. I told him that when we don't know what to do we call for help but he will never do that, there has always been someone who does something so that his problems goes away. While I was writing the previous sentence mom came down and asked me if she could do the trick I showed her when her television was blank (push for 7 seconds the power button on the receptor [or the box or whatever its called] and then let go and it all comes back) and I told her it would not hurt anything so of course she had to go back upstairs and help her master. Now dad is banging on the floor again so all hell has probably broken loose.