And my parents are happy because they find something today to stress about where there was nothing to stress about!

Close to two years ago the government of our province had sent us a letter talking like we had a land somewhere and after a lot of freaking out over a few days mom asked Gisele (the friend who took us in after the fire) and she made calls and then explained to mom that it was just a mistake. Today at around noon we received a registered letter just like that other one about a house but this time it was written that if it was not ours to just ignore it and of course they did not.

I went out with dad a while and during this time mom called someone in our family and she got a call back (they hung up to call around) saying the same thing. Mom is now upstairs explaining all that to dad and he is talking loudly while mom when she was talking on the phone was laughing like she did not stress about this at all.

They have been looking for stress ever since we became stress free and when they find nothing they just invent something.

Our insurance company has not even paid us for our material things yet and this is real stress but so far they have not at all stressed over this.