Last night mom was going on again about me still sleeping in the basement so I remained her that a few days ago she asked for my bedroom to give to dad who complains because we dare make noise when in the kitchen and she laughed in my face saying it was finished.

Now this morning it was the threat of the English satellite channels. They have been complaining about it costing a lot but of course the French channels have to stay because dad certainly will not learn a new language and also not find a new way to pass the time. So I will have to pay a part of it so less money set aside plus I will need to check them carefully so they do not stop paying that bill because it is in my name.

These two crazies had almost 300000$ and it did not take them long to be in debt again!

Oh and another thing, while I was brushing my teeth this morning I almost chocked laughing, mom came in the bathroom to say that one day they will sell the house and that time the money will be cut in laugh and she will keep her part; yeah right! She hid the fact that she bought two phones of less than 70$ each a few months ago and she will have the guts to take her part? LOL!