It is called metronidazole. I had to take two 250mg morning and then the same at night but I started Tuesday night so I had five doses left.

The pharmacist told me I did the right thing stopping that medication because what happened last night was like an allergic reaction and he thought I was lucky it did not go farther which he is sure would of happened this morning if I had taken the next pills.

I have another seven days of another antibiotic and he promised me that this won't leave a taste behind, it is a capsule of 300mg, I will put the powder on bread since it helped me a lot with these pills from hell and since I do not have to also chew a pill it will go faster plus it's only one at a time instead of two so that too will help.

That medication did take some of the symptoms but wow that leftover taste! I am still sick from it! I can still taste that pill plus when I eat and drink I barely taste anything!