Guilt is good when you have done something bad which is not the case with you today.

Right now I am focused on Tennis (Rafael Nadal to be exact). I had zero second of sleep last night but that's my fault because when he had his day off after his Second Round I was in bed too long. I did take a small nap before his match (the match before would not end) and after his match I took a nap in my bed, I hate naps but if I had not done that I probably would of fainted or something (i used to not sleep some nights were younger and that was nothing but since i have been suffering from insomnia since lata february that was not a good thing for me to have 0 sleep last night). When he is done in Europe I wil be able to start sleeping at my normal times so I'll start watching new movies again. There's also a ton of shows on Youtube that I want to watch (still have not seen the Graham Norton with Fassy...the last...his first i saw it...that show plays on BBC Canada but not in order...i may be lucky and catch it on tv soon...i always look for it).

I still force myself to walk once a day. Still less than one hour which I don't like but since I had spent many months inside the house only going outside for appointments walks of less than one hour is much better.

I also want to do other things than watch television and be in front of my computer. I will start reading soon, I also have activity books (dot to dot...coloring...that kind of stuff) and I'll jump on those soon too.

My poor brain was dying on me. Plus my parents that are driving me insane. I am not in a good situation to say the least.

I am glad you had another good day smile!