He was helped right away and he has had the best doctors, surgeons and equipments available to him so that helped him a lot. One of his best friend is one of the most important doctor in the world and he immediately came to France to help him. Hopefully he is making a full recovery and will when fully healed tell us all. You should of seen the comments on Planet F1 on that article, all so-called Shumi fans angry about not getting a daily feedback on his health; bunch of heartless creeps!

I remember Liam's wife and what happened to her. The saddest thing is that she seemed fine which is why she refused medical help. At least that helped people like me understand that even when you seem fine to seek medical help.

When I try to find a job I always give my name to every stores, restaurants, gas stations and every other places like that. Another problem here is that people here hate any other language and culture than French and Quebec culture so me speaking English is something against me. There are many tourists here during Summer and lots of them speak English so you would think someone working at least during that time who could speak that language would be a positive but not here. I will probably have to go back to school or learn a job at a school (after learning to swim i was going to finish high school then go on a big vacation before moving out...i had timed it to my dads retirement [i was working for him] but like i said he decided to let his job go without tellinh us).