Something horrifying happened during my Hockey game tonight!

Rich Peverley who is one of my team's player ended up in the hospital. He collapse with less than seven minutes played in the first period after coming back from a shift. I could hear the commotion and when they showed us the benches I knew just a few seconds later that something very serious was going on. Not too long after all we could see was two men transporting someone down the corridor, we could not even see if it was a player or not. I immediately thought of Shumi who is still in the coma and I was near a panic attack because I could not see Benny (Jamie Benn) anywhere, when they finally showed him I was seriously almost starting a panic attack. Then I felt bad feeling relieved it was not Benny in trouble. It was a scary mess.

Thankfully I was on my team's channel so that was all handled with respect and without rumors. They also of course postponed the game, we soon learned that he was okay but Hockey is a dangerous sport so playing that game when none of the players have their minds in the game is dangerous.

Apparently Richy asked to turn the ambulance around because he wanted to finish the game, Hockey players, you got to love and admire them even when not watching that sport!

Also thankfully Ralfie (Rafael Nadal) had not finished his match (did not see the beginning since he started after the Stars had started) so I was able to calm myself watching him.