LOL Jilly, good for you!!!!

Bottom line, you are on a NEW adventure and making adjustments - way to GO...

Me, medium stress levels today. Had an uneventful walk to work, no trains to try to outrun so as not to get stuck on the other side smile smile smile It is in the 20's this morning - thank goodness for "hot flashes"... Kept me warm until I could get to the local store to stop and get a sample of my favorite coffee "hazelnut" with "hazelnut" creamer = delicious. Chatted with the store clerk, then headed on the final stretch to the office.

Guess what, someone at the office I work out of 16 hours a week freelancing, gave me a second-hand laptop yesterday. God is so GOOD!!! Now to keep it away from Sylvester's family - they tore up the one he had gotten me from a pawn shop.


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