Mom just said another of her I don't know if I'm going to be dead soon speech. This time she whined then said that she will go to bed now and not know if she'll get up or just die there.

It was her choice a few years ago to wait months to seek medical help when she started having more problems with her stomach then it was her choice to keep coming back to doctors who did not know what they were doing then it was her choice to accept a diagnostic along with there's nothing that can be done about it and then it was her choice to keep serving dad and working hard every day in and outside the house.

She has always been like that so it's not when she cannot eat anymore and is in pain every seconds that she will stop doing that. In the beginning she was happy about it and she just started saying these things (like earlier i don't know if ill get up or die in the bed) last year when she saw that I was not worried about her health anymore (she has said many times and 1 time with a witness that it was not my business the health of my parents) and until her fall I really did not care anymore but with that remark I again do not care.

Oh and of course dad was there when she said that and he did no care at all, if she would of said that then went to bed before serving him his supper he would of cared but only because he wanted food.

Even with my mom looking like death my dad still thinks that she will live as long as he lives to serve him or he just thinks that I will take over as his slave.