Debbie -

I'm awake too because of nervousness. Today will be a challenging day for me - I don't like crowds and it will involve crowds.

So I figured I'd come down and put up the "birthday of the day" so that was all set. One less thing to have to do when I wake up.

Now the question is, how to fall asleep. My plan is to unroll my massage mat that I haven't used in years and years. My boyfriend's mother had given it to us. It has "rumble strips" in it. So I'll set that up and see if that helps.

Also, it helps to breathe in a soothing fragrance, to take long, deep breaths, and to tell yourself you'll focus on the issue in the morning. Remind yourself that you can trust your morning self to take care of it. Your current self's only task is to sleeeep smile.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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