Thank you Lisa!

Today my stress is higher. I had to go to Amqui with my parents and my grandmom's cat (she could not come...she cant put her left foot at all on the ground so she cant walk) and poor Minette knew what was going to happen to her and to make it worst I could not take her out of the cage to give her a few loving moments before dying because my mom is allergic and worst of all my dad kept laughing and telling jokes about it (most were directed to Minette) and the rare times my mom was talking to her she was telling her to sleep or to be calm then when we were about to arrive my mom suddendly realised what was going to happen and stopped my dad from making another joke and she was crying when we picked her up (she wanted to do it alone).

It's a miracle that I am not completely crazy having lived more than thirtysix years with these people.