You are right, at least I have a place to vent. It truely helps me and I know that here I have people who care about me and listen.

I barely have more than 500$ a month so it does not give me a lot of room to move out on my own. I have to at least put 100$ aside for food, there are appartments that have electricity included for that low amount of money but they are so rare that they go very fast.

I do have a little amount set aside, that could be used to at least have the internet until I find a job or help me with food. I don't want to use that money to get an appartment that cost more that I can now afford in case I do not find a job before that money is gone.

I would stay in the streets before coming back to my parents. And when I am gone they will never see me again.

It's a miracle I am not completely crazy for having them as parents.

I have never seen that Twilight Zone episode. I think I have seen at least one episode, or I may think of another show that was like that one.

Your husband must be so relieved to finally be free of his parents. It must of been hard eventhough his parents were so awful to him but so good at the same time.

Ralfie's match will soon start so I better go (if he finishes before 20:30 ill be able to see the match entirely...at that time i have an hockey game...nothing except Shumi come before my hockey).

Thank you for being there for me!

Nancy {{HUGS}}