I'm confused why you are disagreeing with me about your parents. I am *agreeing* with you that their actions are unhealthy for you. I am *agreeing* that what they are doing is wrong. I am *agreeing* that you should be far away from them. I am agreeing with you. They are not good people to be around. Agreed. Done.

I'm also confused why you are disagreeing with me about criminals. I am *agreeing* with you that criminals make bad choices which hurt others. They should be accountable for those bad choices and decisions. That is my entire point. People make choices. There is no space alien controlling their minds. They, themselves, make those choices and should be held accountable. That's exactly what I said. It is a person's fault every choice they make. They can and should be held accountable for those choices.

I am trying to help you. You have been stuck in a nasty situation for well over three long years where every single day you are upset with the toxic swamp you are in. I am trying to help you escape. If you saw a person stuck in a toxic situation for over three long years and crying out for help every single day for three long years, I would hope you would do the same thing. Hopefully every caring person would.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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