We are all in control over how we choose to react to outside stimulus. If someone stomps I could choose to be upset by it, because the noise of the stomp intruded on my quiet. But that would be as un-useful as being upset at the sound of a car driving past the house. They are just sounds. There is no reason at all for me to be upset about a random sound which will be gone in a few seconds anyway.

The noise made by a family member is a reminder to us that they are alive, which hopefully we feel is a good thing. I don't imagine you are sitting there wishing for him to drop dead. In that case, every time you hear a stomp, think of it as a message from God or the Gods or the Spirits or whatever you believe in that he is still in your life. He is still there present for you to ask questions of and to talk to. Because, very soon, he won't be. Very soon, he'll be completely gone and you'll wish you had him there with you.

The stomps are a sign. They are a message to you. They are like a meditation chime. You need to learn to *hear* them. They won't be there forever.

Right now, you're hearing those messages and thinking "I'm angry he's here". You want to change that message, for your own health and for the sake of the environment you are creating for yourself. Unless you'd really be happier if they were both dead and you were there all alone?

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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