Dad = I had to deal with dubbing one time and he pushed my buttons 28 times.

Mom = She bothered me eight times, had an attitude four times, ignored me two times, freaked out one time (she gave me my birthday gift in advance - the shock was that it was things that i wanted - she almost threw it on the floor so i thought it was it but i saw that 1 of the things was there 2 times so i told her thinking that Sears had made a mistake and that she did not realised it when she picked it up but she was on the phone and acted like it was ok and when she was off the phone she came here to explain it was her that bought it 2 times so i explained to her that it would be wasted money because i needed just 1 [sheets - she got me Minions bedding and a Minions throw and a Minions towel] and that was the freaking out - she almost screamed then after i said that it would be a waste of $ she threw her arms in the air and stormed out - it looked like she was in 1 of her silence episode later but she was ok) and pushed my buttons 6 times.