They still have not come back so they decided to run a few errands after my mom's thing to do.

It is so peaceful that I am enjoying this.

I sighed a sigh of relief when I was coming back from my walk and did not see the truck parked in the driveway.

I was able to get ready for my walk in peace (i thought i could no do that with dad sitting watching a dubbed unseen movie) then I did a few things on the computer and ate a few things upstairs while watching the water and listening to the outside sound (i opened the patio door).

They are coming back soon, mom called when I was writing the sentence above to ask if I wanted some McDonald's.

I cannot wait for the insurance man to call and say how much they will give us, then I will know if my parents will go or not see their best friend a few days. I know dad really want to show off his new car and mom wants to see her because she is much older than they are and she has started to talk about selling her house soon to go live in an apartment. So only their need to drive me insane will stop them from going.