Nancy, I agree with you on his manager's statement, which is uninformative so why did she even bother? But you're right that as long as he's stable and unchanging, there is a lot of hope that he'll make a full recovery. It's scary to think that a skiing accident could result in a head injury that would lead to something like this. The same thing happened to Liam Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson a few years back; that was very tragic.

You make a good point about depression and medication. You might not even be clinically depressed but just in a stressful situation with your parents. You're smart to do your daily exercise. Everything I've ever heard says that daily walking is beneficial on every level -- physical, emotional, mental.

As for the local job situation, that has got to be difficult when you're living in a rural area and everything is oriented toward natural resources and land management. Or agriculture. It's good that you want to get comfortable with driving again because maybe something else might be available in one of the small nearby cities, anything, even service work like those hotel or restaurant jobs that spring up to support the forest industry. Not to be trying to push advice on you or anything. I wish you the very best luck if you decide to look for work in that direction. What would be ideal is if you could write for an internet publication on sports. Maybe you could write about Ice Hockey for BellaOnline? The topic is open and none of us knows anything about it. It might eventually lead to bigger things and in the meantime it might be fun. smile