Yesterday I had to deal with dubbing five times, I received a look from dad (he looked at me with hate), I got two remarks against me (mom compared me to someone she hates + dad invented an excuse to not wait for me to run errands evenhough i said i did not want to go) and mom tried to invent some drama when I was in the bathroom doing my night beauty routine (i came out and she was at the kitchen table and she had put a pillow and blanket on dads chair - i was supposed to feel sorry for her because she wanted to sleep on the floor but i did not so a few minutes after i was in bed she went to the bathroom and went back in their bedroom). Seven things (6 were sounds - the other was dad the way he was sitting on his chair it looked like he had dropped dad there) scared me.

Mom pushed my buttons 4 times (+1 when i was in bed) and dad 33 times.