Thank you very much Michelle!

It is now 19:59 and my mom has not call her friend yet. They will have a major surprise if they continue like that because when I move out they will not know how to contact me except from the internet (for them its basically not giving them contact information). If I move out but continue to be in contact with them even if it's just by phone I will not be able to stand on my own because they are the reason why I am not right now. Their talent is to put me down. They both do it their own way.

I'll let my mom have her fun and if by Sunday the phone call is not made (she will not say no to their visit...they talk at least once a week and she always asks my mom when they will come to visit her) I am starting the motions for moving out. It would be extremely hard until I find a job but I won't stay here with "parents" like that until I am crazy, they had lots of fun since I've been born with me but they won't brake me to that point, I won't let them!